What diet is good for you?

I have been doing some reading on different diets just trying to see what is said about them and how they work and are they healthy. I have a friend who is doing the Paleo diet and he loves it and is losing weight, which I applaud him for doing so. I have also had friends that have done Atkins which is similar but not quite the same as Paleo, they also liked it. I follow the American Heart Association guide lines and I like it. So what is the best diet? Below is a good article on how this person answers that question.  They ask the same question.

WHEN YOU READ so many conflicting scientific reports about diets—Paleo, Mediterranean, low-cholesterol, South Beach, carbohydrate-counting, Atkins, to name a few—how do you decide which is best?

In this column, I’ll discuss how to understand the studies, how some advertisers lie with statistics, and how to make up your own mind.

All though Jennifer Motl in the above article recommends the Mediterranean diet I think for now I will stick with the American Heart Association diet. They wrote the below article about the Mediterranean diet and they are very close to being the same diet so I don’ t think you could go wrong with either.

What is the “Mediterranean” diet?

There’s no one “Mediterranean” diet. At least 16 countries border the Mediterranean Sea. Diets vary between these countries and also between regions within a country. Many differences in culture, ethnic background, religion, economy and agricultural production result in different diets. But the common Mediterranean dietary pattern has these characteristics:

My ending thoughts on the subject are as long as you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need and are eating healthy and losing the extra weight then do what works for you.  I personally agree with the first article that Atkins and Paleo don’t have enough evidence as of yet to say weather they are healthy but from what I have seen of them they do seem healthy except for the extra fat intake.

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