Weigh in day is here again.

Hi all, this has been a good week for weight loss in our house. Nothing like the biggest loser numbers but still good in our opinion. That is one thing we hate about the biggest loser. They really put those folks through the ringer to get that much weight off them. It makes people doing it at home feel like something is wrong. It’s always been considered good to lose 1-2 pounds a week. That just sound paltry to 15-20 they are doing on the biggest loser. So if you are trying to lose just remember your going to have a lot of weeks that are only that 1-2 mixed with a few that might be 4-6.

And now for our weigh in’s. Kimberley is down 4 to 255 and I am down 6 to 312. It sure feels good to be eating right and going down in size.

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  1. GW says:

    Well, my weigh-ins have stunk the last several weeks, so I’ve not been talking about it, either.

    But now you have a fun new challenge. You’ve been tagged. :)


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