Weigh in Day 3/21/14

Well spring is here and I am ready for it! I have been doing really well with my walking and diet. I lost 2 lbs this week and Kimberley is down 1. My goal is to be under 310 by my birthday on June 2nd and down another pants size to 46. My long term goal is to be to my final goal by January 1st. I am looking so forward to that again. I only had one week of being at my goal weight back in 05 and then I had surgery and that just got us out of our good habits. This time will be different. I’m going to continue to journal what I eat and blog each week. I have to in order to keep my weight down. I’m addicted to food, I don’t have the shutoff switch that tells me to quit eating. So by writing it down and controlling my portions I have built my own switch.

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2 Responses to Weigh in Day 3/21/14

  1. bjjcaveman says:

    Keep it up H-man. Putting it all out there and writing it down is super empowering.

    I too also have a hard time with my food shut-off switch… after a while I’ve gotten better at controlling it… but the times when I let my inner fat man out… he really comes busting loose and knows how to throw down.

  2. Howie says:

    Lol on the throw down. Thanks, I enjoyed listening to you on the Fat2Fit podcast this week.

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