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Weigh in day 10/25/13

Kimberley and I both did extremely well this week. She is down to 252 with a 4 lb loss and I am down to 360 with a 5 lb loss. Woot! That makes 46 lb loss for me and a … Continue reading

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Trying something new!

We are on vacation and this time I am trying something new. Instead of letting this be a week of treating myself to food and coming home 10 lbs heavier, I am going to try and come home a few … Continue reading

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What makes us eat more food?

Here are 7 reasons we eat more food. Number 5, alcohol is one that I decided to cut out all together. I was letting it go way to far and it’s true when you drink you do, or at least … Continue reading

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Weigh in day is here again.

Hi all, this has been a good week for weight loss in our house. Nothing like the biggest loser numbers but still good in our opinion. That is one thing we hate about the biggest loser. They really put those … Continue reading

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Weigh in and update.

Ok I have pretty much broke all my new years resolutions. What’s new? LOL However those are just goals and I’m still working on all of them, just not getting it done every day. Kimberley and I have been staying … Continue reading

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This has been a rough year for many. I thought my company was going to get by without being hit too hard but this week the hammer fell. Two close friends got laid off from our office along with 120 … Continue reading

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Weigh in day is here

I had no major treat nights this week but was over my calories a couple of times. I think I am going to continue not doing a treat night and then just not worry if I go over my calories … Continue reading

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