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Diet time with God

I found this great little dieters devotion book that Kimberley and I like to read in the morning. It just give a little one page devotion, scripture and prayer to help you through the day. It is Diet Nuggets and … Continue reading

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I started walking for exercise again. I’m walking 3 miles a day and hoping to work back up to my 5 miles hikes on Saturday’s. Here is a good article for getting your kids out for some exercise. Hike for … Continue reading

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American fast food, what a stupid way to die

Well, if this article doesn’t make you think twice about fast food, nothing will. Claims about food preservatives have been floating around for decades. Take the Twinkie shelf life rumor, for instance. Some have said a Twinkie has an indefinite … Continue reading

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Weigh in day is here

I had no major treat nights this week but was over my calories a couple of times. I think I am going to continue not doing a treat night and then just not worry if I go over my calories … Continue reading

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