Quick and easy lunch!

If you ever need a quick healthy lunch you can run to your nearest grocery and most will have a pack of grape tomatoes, small stalk of broccoli and a container of pickled eggs. Just add a wrap and a little Miracle Whip and you are all set. I have a small grocery store next to my office so I usually will run there for lunch items. Sure beats fast food.

354 Calories 34 crabs, 13 gr fat, 15 protein and 583 mg sodium.


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2 Responses to Quick and easy lunch!

  1. GW says:

    Wow, so few crabs? 😉 Seriously, though, that looks good.

  2. Carol Salva says:

    I love when people find ways to get in a good meal even when we don’t pack ahead. With a little thought, you can usually find a great combination like this that will do in a pinch quite nicely. Thanks for the reminder Howie!

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