Weigh in day 6/13/14

It’s Friday the 13th but it’s starting out really well for me. The scale showed 299 this morning. I no longer weigh 3 something. I have said this twice in my life, once in 1992 and again in 2005, so the 3rd time better be the charm. I WILL NEVER LET MYSELF GET ABOVE 300 LBS AGAIN!

I did not post the last couple weeks, I simply forgot. Kimberley got out of the 240’s and is now 236. She is doing great! I feel bad because it comes off slower for her but she is a trooper and has lost 44 lbs.


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Weigh in 5/23/14

Another good week and another pound down. It was not as good as I wanted because I was hoping to get down to 299 before my birthday in a week. I don’t think I will drop 5 lbs this coming week but I have done that before, so maybe. ¬†Anyway it was a loss and I will hit 299 within the next couple weeks.

Kimberley had and awesome week and dropped another 4 lbs! She has lost a total of 40 lbs since last July. Go Kimberley, you rock!

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Weigh in 5/16/2014

Sorry I missed a post last week. I lost 2 lbs last week and 3 lbs this week. I have now lost 102 lbs since starting back on July 5th of last year. Kimberley has taken most of her trip weight off with a large 4 lb loss this week for a total of 36. I can’t wait for this next 5 lbs to come off so I can say I weigh 2##. It feels so good to be dropping this weight and heading in the right direction.

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Weigh in day 5/2/14 and updated weight loss pictures.

I can’t believe I dropped 5 lbs this week. That is really unusual after a 4 lb loss last week but I’ll take it. I am now down to the weight I was when Kimberley and I got married which is 310. I forgot about 12 lbs back to take pictures so I did that today too. One is a little blurry but my photographer is on the road. LOL

I have a few big goals coming up which I hope to reach all of them by mid July. First I hope in the next two weeks I will be able to make it to 306 which will put me at 100 lbs lost since I restarted my healthy eating. Second would be 299 which will be really nice to hear again and I hope to be there by early to mid June. Then third I would like to make it to 290 by mid July which would put me at 200 lbs total loss.   These can all be reached if I keep on my current weekly percentage of losing 2 lbs a week.

310 F 310 S

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Weigh in 4/25/14

Its been a dry couple weeks but after maintaining last week I have dropped 4 lbs this week. I am 5 lbs away from my wedding weight of 310 and I am fast approaching that magical 299 mark! I am feeling really good about the weight I have lost and that I only have 70 more to get to goal by the end of the year.

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Weigh in 4/11/14

I lost one pound this week down to 319, at least I made it to a new decade, gone are the 20s and much better than a gain! I was testing my treat night to see how far I could push it. Apparently I need to limit it to 1800 extra calories for the day. I had around 5000 last Friday which resulted in not much of a loss this week. Kimberley did the same and maintained. It used to be in our younger days we could eat as much as we wanted on a treat day but I guess our bodies are changing. :-)

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Weigh in 4/4/14

Well even though the week got off to a rough start, it ended well. I dropped 4 lbs this week and Kimberley lost 3. I’m down 86 and Kimberley is down 36 from 7/5/13. It’s looking like I will make my wedding weight goal before my birthday and maybe even drop below 300 by then. I have 7 more weeks to hit the 310 mark so that should be pretty doable at this point, if I don’t sabotage myself. The walking 70 minutes a day has really helped on my weight loss.

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