Four Year Anniversary!

Well here we are in April. That is the month I started this journey 4 years ago.  I wish I could say the journey is over but it will never really be over. What I mean is I wish I was at the maintaining stage of this journey. I keep messing around with gaining and losing and more on the gaining side than the losing. I am proud that I have kept my weight under my milestone of being less than 300 lbs. However I  have flirted with that number on several occasions. So what I’m saying is I’m here in April ready to keep this journey going and we will see what happens. I’m 290 as of yesterday and I have readjusted my weight chart to start in April and I hope to make goal sometime in October. So wish me luck.

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  1. Tami says:

    It’s so hard to stay on a healthy diet when there seem to be events with great food all the time. I love food and to eat so much. I wish it was easy, but it’s the hardest thing ever. At least I am not tempted by cigarettes and haven’t been for six years now. I have no desire to smoke. I can’t say that I will ever feel that way about a chocolate brownie! And would I be normal if I didn’t crave it?

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