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Long long time since last log

It’s been way to long and yes I gained 57 lbs because of it. I am back at it though and have added bicycling to my exercise instead of walking. I found out my knees are bone on bone and … Continue reading

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Size 46 here I am!

So I was thinking I would get my next size pants out to try on and see how long I would have to get to my goal. Well guess what, they already fit! I am so happy. I got to … Continue reading

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Size 48 today!

I have gone down 4 sizes since I have started. I love it that I am no longer a size in the 50s. One plus of having lost before is I have all the clothes for on the way down.

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A little help for walking when icy.

I picked these up today for those icy days I’m walking to work. They fit over my converse really well. Buckeye Outdoors has them for $16.99 if anyone needs some.

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Cool pedometer App

I found this really cool app for walking. It is called move. At first I thought it was not working because it would only register about half of my steps. Then I realized there are less steps in a mile … Continue reading

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Today’s walk!

It’s a beautiful day in downtown Newark. Always a great place to walk but especially in the fall. Continue reading

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18 minutes

Down from walking a mile in 22:21:92 last week. My goal is 15.

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