Back on the wagon

Well here we go one more time. It seems like a never ending cycle with us. We do good with our eating and then we do bad. I am back up over 300 lbs and can not stand it. I have gained 64 lbs since my lowest in December of 2005. There is no excuse for this! Especially since I have had this wonderful back surgery that I take a chance of messing up with every pound I put on. So no more, the buck stops here. I have already droped 10 lbs Since last weeks weigh in of 311. Which I am very pleased about because before vacation I was 307. So that means that some how I managed to lose 6 pounds over the last two weeks and one of those week was a vacation with lots of bad things to eat. I know when I weighed Sunday that a lot of it was water weight. It will feel so good next week to see that scale say two something again.

I know if you have read my blog your probably saying here he goes again. Why does he keep going up and down? I don’t know the answer to that myself but I know if I just let go I would be back up to 490 in no time and I refuse to do that. So heres to eating healthy and living right. We are going to do it this time no matter what people say or what we say. Because believe me we are our hardest critics. Don’t think that anything you have every thought or said, we have not already said it to ourselves.

Anyway come back and check out the progress. You can look at our weight charts in the links on the side.

Also check out the new season of the Biggest Loser on NBC. This show always helps me to motivate myself.

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  1. Tami says:

    The Biggest Loser continues to motivate me also.
    I think keeping the weight off is one of the hardest things I have ever done. It’s a battle every single day. Even though I have the right foods, I still crave the wrong foods. I so much wish I could eat whatever I want and not gain.
    I know you and GW can get back on track and lose whatever weight you want to lose. A ten pound weight loss already is a big deal! Congrats!

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