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Long long time since last log

It’s been way to long and yes I gained 57 lbs because of it. I am back at it though and have added bicycling to my exercise instead of walking. I found out my knees are bone on bone and … Continue reading

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Forget fat Tuesday it’s fat summer

This summer has been a bunch of ups and downs for me. I hit 299 June 13th and have been up and down every since then. I am currently at 297 but I should have been about 15 lbs less … Continue reading

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Quick and easy lunch!

If you ever need a quick healthy lunch you can run to your nearest grocery and most will have a pack of grape tomatoes, small stalk of broccoli and a container of pickled eggs. Just add a wrap and a … Continue reading

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Weigh in 7/25/2014

Well July was a very rough month. There was the long 4th weekend followed by the rib festival and then followed by vacation and my sister being home. It resulted in 8 lb gain over the past 3 weeks. However I … Continue reading

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Weigh in 6/27/14

Another week has come and gone and another 2 lbs down. I was hoping for more this week but I’ll take 2 lbs any week. I’m really anxious to get down to 290 which will be a total of 200 … Continue reading

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Weigh in 6/20/14

It looks like maintain is the word for this week. Kimberley and I both maintained our weight.  I exercised almost every day and ate 200 less calories than my goal for the week, but it still did not show on … Continue reading

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Don’t give up!

I was just looking back through my time line here on my blog. I wanted to see where I started to gain. So in 2006 after my surgery I put on 20 lbs which should have been no big deal. … Continue reading

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