Long long time since last log

It’s been way to long and yes I gained 57 lbs because of it. I am back at it though and have added bicycling to my exercise instead of walking. I found out my knees are bone on bone and the bike helps me to get the exercise I need.  Here is a pic of the bike I bought back in January. I’m am down 9 lbs since getting back on track and it feels good to be back. I hope I will keep the blog up in hopes of helping others.


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Forget fat Tuesday it’s fat summer

This summer has been a bunch of ups and downs for me. I hit 299 June 13th and have been up and down every since then. I am currently at 297 but I should have been about 15 lbs less than that by now. However life happens and now that summer is winding down I have a good 3 months before the holiday’s hit to really work on getting some weight off.

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Quick and easy lunch!

If you ever need a quick healthy lunch you can run to your nearest grocery and most will have a pack of grape tomatoes, small stalk of broccoli and a container of pickled eggs. Just add a wrap and a little Miracle Whip and you are all set. I have a small grocery store next to my office so I usually will run there for lunch items. Sure beats fast food.

354 Calories 34 crabs, 13 gr fat, 15 protein and 583 mg sodium.


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Weigh in 7/25/2014

Well July was a very rough month. There was the long 4th weekend followed by the rib festival and then followed by vacation and my sister being home. It resulted in 8 lb gain over the past 3 weeks. However I still can’t freaking believe it! I am once again 299. I ate horrible last week and I had a 2lb gain last week to bring me up to 305. It is unreal that I was able to drop six pounds this week. I might have been more apt to believe it if I had stopped after treats on Friday but I pigged out Thursday, Saturday and Sunday too. I am so happy right now. lol Not so happy that I let myself gain but just happy that I am back under 300. I was so happy and said I never wanted to see that number again and then turned around and sabotaged myself.

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Weigh in 6/27/14

Another week has come and gone and another 2 lbs down. I was hoping for more this week but I’ll take 2 lbs any week. I’m really anxious to get down to 290 which will be a total of 200 lbs lost from my heaviest. Anyway it feels good to be going down still.

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Weigh in 6/20/14

It looks like maintain is the word for this week. Kimberley and I both maintained our weight.  I exercised almost every day and ate 200 less calories than my goal for the week, but it still did not show on the scale. You will have these weeks but I still hate them. Hopefully next week will be a good loss.

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Don’t give up!

I was just looking back through my time line here on my blog. I wanted to see where I started to gain. So in 2006 after my surgery I put on 20 lbs which should have been no big deal. Then in 2007 though 2009 I went from 265 to 312, that 300 lb mark really did me in. Somewhere in 2009 I just gave up bloging and flash forward to the next post in 2013 and whoa, I was 406 lbs.  I am just now getting to where I can stand to see pictures of me at 245. I still can’t believe how easy it is to let things slip away like that. I really hope that this 3rd time losing weight will be the last. I don’t know if I would have it in me to do this again but I hope I would.

So if anyone reads this and has made their goal and then went backwards, just hang in there and do what you know you can do and get back to what is right. I know how hard it is and how it can play tricks on your mind. Just don’t give up!

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